Flavours of Syria

Flavours of Syria is the catering business of Nayran Tabiei, a much loved local and community member of Melbourne. Nayran fled Syria during the violent civil war in 2011, after the bombing of her home and coffee shop. She arrived by boat to Australia with her husband and daughter, along with 65 others, an incredibly dangerous journey. A journey which Nayran believes has made her the strong women she is today.

Nayran has been passionate about food and cooking since she was seven years old and now connects with her culture through sharing the flavours of her country by cooking, catering and public speaking.

It was important to us that Nayran’s branding captured her passion, personality and the beauty of her culture. Our meetings together were always delicious, as she doesn’t let anyone leave her table without a full belly.

Photography by Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files.