Founded by the very zen, Sarah Rodd, MYNDFL Studio is a Sydney based pop-up yoga studio that travels around to different locations, homes, schools, the beach… where ever you are. Offering a range of yoga practices to adults and children. Sarah completed her 200HR certification in yoga teacher training and then went on to specialise in yoga for children. 

With mindfulness at the core of MYNDFL’s purpose, we used the brand identity to play with space as a reflection of emotions—feeling scattered, aligned, stuck or spacious. Soft colour also varies beneath the emotive type to capture the essence of a saying by Pema Chodron: ‘You are the sky. Everything else, it’s just the weather.

Working with Liz is always seamless and beautiful. She knows exactly what I am after from basic concepts to finished artwork. Liz is truly a talented friend of mine who I am very proud of and will always recommend. — Sarah Rodd, Founder

Photography courtesy of MYNDFL Studio